A Visitor and a Singing Bowl

Today at midday, we had a surprise that we liked a lot.

Paul our Parish Worker knocked at our door.

This was great.

We had said earlier in the week that we would like Paul to visit.

There he was.


He came to thank us for sending him cards before Christmas.

He liked our cards and he wanted to thank us.

So Paul brought a singing bowl with him and some music and we listened.

The song told us that we are precious to God.

The room was very quiet and still.


Afterwards Tadhg said


‘It feels like a new day’.


If you don’t know what a singing bowl looks like,

we found you a photo.
singing bowl
Singing Bowl by Rosmary on Flickr

You hit it with a wooden stick and it sings like a bell!

This is a beautiful sound.

You listen to the sound and it helps you to relax

and get ready to meditate.


Click on this link to read more about our Communion Preparation.

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