Planet Avatar – Starting A Project on the Planets in our Solar System using Voki

We are doing a project on the Sun, and the planets in our solar system.

We thought it would be fun to do our project using avatars.


First we wrote down what we were going to say.


First Avatar Abi will tell us about the Sun.

Avatar Alice talks to us about Mercury

Avatar Amy tells us

some interesting facts about Venus

Avatar Calum talks

about his home planet, Earth.

Avatar JC gives us

some information about the Moon.

Avatar Cian has some information about

The Red Planet, Mars.

Guess how many moons Jupiter has?

Avatar Clara will tell you the answer and more!

Breaking News!

Saturn has even more moons than Jupiter.

Our reporter Avatar Fiona will tell you about it 🙂

A report from the very special

and unusual Avatar Jack.

He is truly out of this world!

This is Isabella’s report on the planet Neptune.

Well done to all.


The experts tell us that Pluto is a dwarf planet

but we are fond of it and wouldn’t like

to see it disappear from school books

Finally Avatar Jake is going to tell us

about the early days of the Planet Earth.

We think we would have a lot more fun

if only we could get our own voices recorded properly on Voki.

At the moment we have to change ‘text’ into words instead.

It is fun, but we really don’t sound like this!

We are working on trying to solve this problem

and are going to try a different microphone.

Has anyone any advice?


We enjoy learning about the planets.


Can you see the planets hanging from our classroom ceiling?

19 thoughts on “Planet Avatar – Starting A Project on the Planets in our Solar System using Voki

  1. I loved this post – the avatars are really fun and the commentary very informative. Well Done Room 6!

  2. Thanks David. We enjoy making avatars. We tried to make them look a bit like ourselves, except Jack who is not really a robot at all. Next time we make avatars we are going to be more creative and trying to invent some very interesting characters.

  3. Thank you James. It was brilliant. We really enjoyed doing this project using avatars. It helped us learn about the planets in our solar system and it helped us learn a bit more about using the computer too.

  4. Thanks Aoife. We like to be told we are doing well. It’s encouraging and makes us try harder 🙂

  5. Thank you Julia. Just wait until you get your chance to make yours. You will have fun. I am guessing this will be VERY soon as we are taking turns in alphabetical order and we have got as far as the letter ‘J’ 🙂

  6. Wow Room 6!
    What interesting projects! We have spent ages reading through your collection of avatars. We wondered if they looked like you?
    We look forward to learning some more exciting facts from your blog!

  7. Thank you 4th Class Room 11 for your comment. We are happy that you found our projects interesting. Making avatars was fun. You could make them too. If you click on the orange Voki icon on the avatars you get to go to the Voki website. We tried to make them look as like us as possible. Since we started we have got better at this as we are learning ways to change the hair, eye and skin colour and to ‘tweak’ the size of the face or eyes or nose. Making an avatar is a different way of doing a project. Thank you for your encouragement. It is good for kids in second class to hear that the kids in fourth think that we are doing a good job.

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