We Challenge YOU Again! Try Your Hand At Viking Quest!

Click on the link below to play!


BBC’s ‘Viking Quest’

We don’t always win this game …

but we usually do!


If you would like to tell us what score you got,

please double click

‘Continue Reading’ below

and enter your score in the comment box.


viking 1Creative Commons License Katherine via Compfight


1,083 is our best score.

Do tell us how you get on !


We also challenge you to make

all the wrong decisions in this game

and get a score of zero.

It is possible πŸ˜‰

Update 9-2-15

Congratulations to Jake, a TY student

who is on work experience with us.

Today we challenged him to a game

and after a shaky start he scored

a phenomenal 1,099

41 thoughts on “We Challenge YOU Again! Try Your Hand At Viking Quest!

  1. We played the Viking game. We got 793. We burnt down the monastery. That was a mistake. The Viking chief was not please with us. Next time we would not burn down the monastery. Then we might get a higher score.

  2. Yes we would recommend not burning down the monastery. Choosing a beserker for your crew is a good idea too. He is as good as ten men.

  3. wow!!!!!!! i wish we had something like that……….
    the artwork is so colorful and i loved all of the interviews! i cant wait to see what you put up in the next few months…..:)

  4. Thanks Ellie. I’m glad you like the art and the interviews. We have some interesting plans for the next few months. Have a good weekend and tell Tadhg I said ‘Hi’!

  5. I find the blog interesting. I liked the Viking Quest because it is history one of my favourite subjects in school. There is a lot of reading in it.

  6. I really liked the blog because it has good pictures including art work. I liked the Viking quest because it’s a game and it tells you about a long time ago. You get to make your own choices and learn to make the best ones. It is a fun website.

  7. Thanks Louis. We love playing Viking Quest too. The first couple of times we played we got a very low score. But we learned the right choices to make and now we usually get a high score. Sometimes it is fun to make the bad choices in the game and see how low a score we can get and do we get banished to a fishing boat.

  8. I love Viking Quest.I got 1099.I played it quite a lot today but I did not beat that record.Do you like Viking Quest?

  9. Hi JC, I’m glad you got to play Viking Quest. I have been playing it a number of years now and haven’t got tired of it yet. Sometimes I like to try and get the very lowest school that I can get. Sometimes I try to delay travelling, by building an enormous boat with little labour, in the town furthest North, then the graphic changes and one ends up leaving in mid Winter. So it is always interesting.

  10. Good to hear from you Amy. Glad you are still enjoying the Viking Quest game. That is a high score you achieved. πŸ™‚

  11. Welcome back JC
    and great to see you on the blog.
    Thanks for leaving a comment.
    Well done on your excellent score.
    With every good wish

  12. I am shamed to admit that the New Zealand Vikings managed to get 686 points after the first attempt and were suitable unimpressed, that is, our students were very impressed by our efforts until we received our score!
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  13. I got 1,100 in the Viking game πŸ™‚
    If you look on the visitors to this blog map
    2nd of June is Rebecca’s birthday
    She’s six now……

    She went to “BABW (Build-A-Bear Work shop)”
    and got a bunny with a ballet dress.
    Her name is “Lindsey”.
    I thought of the name….

  14. Well done Amy. I can’t remember anyone getting such a high school before.
    I hope Rebecca had a happy birthday.
    The Build A Bear Workshop is a great place to go.
    I like the sound of the ballet dress
    and I love her name.
    With every good wish and thanks for your comment.

  15. That is a good score. We hope you enjoyed playing. Sometimes we make all the wrong decisions to see how low a score we can get.

  16. Well done Darren. That is the best score anyone ever got. You must have made wise decisions.

  17. Well done.
    What is the lowest score you ever got.
    Trying to get the very lowest scores by making all the wrong decisions is fun too.

  18. Well done Conor. Not sure if you can get a higher score.
    Our class like to experiment by getting the very lowest score they can by making the very worst decisions.

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