How Well Do You Know Your Tables? We Challenge YOU!

Balloon Popping Fun

The class record in 680 in mixed addition and 674 in subtraction!

Would you like to try it?

You are very welcome to try multiplication and division also.

Click on this link:

Balloon Popping Game

If you would like to tell us how you did,

please double click

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and enter your score in the comment box.

Do tell us how you get on 🙂

from 2nd Class, Room 6

6 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know Your Tables? We Challenge YOU!

  1. You will be a whizz at tables Fiona. Thank you for commenting. I just got the problem with commenting fixed in the last five minutes, so your timing was perfect!

  2. my score was 672 you guys beat me your website is amazing i enjoy all your podcasts you have really smart intellegent people in you class i love the art work the childrens work is amazing you have talented people in your class some of them could be n ews reporters i wish i was in your class im so glad i had a chance to see your website and i hope you children do well !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well Done Annie. 672 is a very high score. Teacher is happy if the boys and girls in this class get over 600, so your score is well over that. Thanks for all the compliments. You know that your cousin JP is one of the smart, talented, intelligent people in the class. Being a news reporter would be an interesting job. Teacher says she taught you in Junior Infants but that was in Room 2 and there was no blog then as it was a long time ago. Teacher says she used do a Radio Room 2 using the tape recorder and that you were a star reporter 🙂 She says you were really good at doing book reviews even though you were only four then.

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