The Legend of Finn Mc Cool and the Giant’s Causeway

Jack’s recount:


We read a funny story about the giant Finn McCool

in our class readers.


When a giant from Scotland come to visit,

Finn McCool played a trick.

He pretended to be a baby.


The story said that the Scottish Giant

had travelled over the Giant’s Causeway.


He built a causeway starting in Scotland.

Finn Mc Cool, the Irish Giant built

the causeway in the North of Ireland.

Giants Causeway Sunset
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: spatialpan via Compfight

This is a legend.

People long ago told stories to explain things. 


We learned the Causeway was formed from basalt rock

because a volcano erupted 60 million years ago.


We watched a short video

from National Geographic for Kids.


Teacher was reminded what a good website this is

and so she is posting the link here:

National Geographic for Kids

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