AnswerGarden: Give some examples of ‘kind’ words.

We are doing a whole school poster competition.

We have to design a poster about good behaviour in school.

The theme is:


Kind Hands

Kind Feet

and Kind Words.


As part of Anti Bullying Week

a.k.a ‘Be Kind and Be a Good Friend Week’,

we were talking in school about kind words.


These are the ones we thought of.

John Paul did very well.

He thought of five phrases

and John Paul’s first language is Spanish.

Well done John Paul!


We used ‘Answer Garden’ to record the words we thought of.

Give some examples of ‘kind’ words…. at

3 thoughts on “AnswerGarden: Give some examples of ‘kind’ words.

  1. We enjoyed this activity.
    We hope to do really cool posters
    and do well in the competition.

  2. I really liked this activity because it reminded me
    how NICE and important it is to say kind things 🙂

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