Information for Parents of 2nd Class, upon the return to school.

Dear Parents

Welcome back . I am looking forward

to a happy and successful year ahead.

September will be a month spent revising

what has been learnt in 1st Class.

Revision will provide me with an opportunity

to assess the abilities of the children in the class.

Homework will begin on Monday,

when I will send home my homework policy.

We have a lot to learn and to look forward to this year.


In Maths we will be revising addition and takeaway tables.

Knowing these number facts thorough helps the children

when they are adding and subtracting using tens and units.


In English As well as working through our ‘readers’,

we will be reading ‘real’ books.

I have some enjoyable novels chosen for reading.

We will also be working on improving reading comprehension.


We will be revising the simple grammar that the children have

learned to date and will be working towards paragraphing by

the final term.


I hope to do the ‘Write A Book’ project with the class.

For more details about the plan for reading

please click on the following link:

Reading Plan for 2nd Class, Room 6

Early next term we will begin project work 

in the areas of Science, Geography, History

and the Natural World.

I am also looking forward to teaching

the children to play the recorder

Please Note: Dancing is scheduled for Mondays

and PE is on Thursday.

I enclose a questionnaire to enable me to get to know the

children, their interests and their needs more quickly.

With every good wish,



This questionnaire will help me to get to know your child

and what makes them tick more quickly.

It will also help me with my planning for the year ahead.

Child’s Name _____________________________________

Interests or pastimes______________________________


What he or she is good at ___________________________


What you feels they need help with this year

i.e. anything you would like me to prioritise e.g. reading fluency, tables, social skills.



Will your child be making communion this year? ___________

Any thing else you feel I should be aware of _____________



( I will be aware of medical conditions from school files)



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