Blogging plans for the year ahead.

When this blog began,

its primary purpose was to provide information

for the students in 2nd Class Room 6 and their parents

about the work we do in class.


As the blog showcases the children’s work,

other visitors are very welcome also.


This blog is achieving what was intended.

This year it is hoped to engage the children even more with their classroom blog.


The children often comment on the Photopeach slideshows.

It is hoped to encourage them to comment

more often directly on this blog.


When the children in Room 6 comment they are writing

for a purpose

and for a wider audience of parents and friends.

This is motivating.


Making comments encourage the children to more literate:

writing in different genres,

and also to be computer literate.


Having a classroom blog and having opportunities to comment

help children learn about safety issues

and appropriate behaviour online in an authentic way.

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