A Collage Like Nia’s

When we read ‘Emlyn’s Moon’ by Jenny Nimmo, one of the characters, Nia made a collage.
We thought this was a good idea and decided to make one too.

A Collage Like Nia’s

This one is Aoibhin’s to see the other works of art click on the link above.

What we found out about Jenny Nimmo.

Her Childhood

Jenny Nimmo was born on 15th January 1944.

To start with there was just her and her Mum.

Then they moved to her uncle’s free-range chicken farm.

When she was only six Jenny was sent away to boarding school.

It must have been hard to be so far away from her Mum.

It isn’t surprising that she didn’t enjoy boarding school.

She was was happier when she went to a secondary school.

She was told that she should become an actress.

At school, Jenny was quiet but she could be giddy too.

She loved to make people laugh.

Jenny Nimmo always loved reading and writing.

She read all the books in the junior school library by the time she was nine.

She had to persuade the librarian to let her join the senior school library.


Now she is an adult…

Jenny now lives in Wales with her family.

She writes after she has done her chores and fed all the chickens, rabbits and cats!


This is how she writes

She uses a soft, 3B pencil

and rewrites, makes changes and proof reads as she goes along.

When she’s sure she has made all the changes, she wants to,

her husband reads the story

and types it for her.


Her books

Many of her books are about ‘magic’ in real life situations.

The books that she has written that we have read are

‘Tom and the Pterosaur’,

‘The Owl Tree’,

‘The Stone Mouse’

‘The Dog Star’

‘The Snow Spider’

but she has written many, many more.

by Aoibhin and Nadine

THE STONE MOUSE and THE OWL TREE and THE DOG STAR were all written by Jenny Nimmo.

How are these stories the same?

How are they different?

Of the three books, which is your favourite?

Why is it your favourite?

2 thoughts on “A Collage Like Nia’s

  1. When I read about Jenny Nimmo I thought it was very interesting. She really didn’t have a good childhood.

  2. Thanks for your excellent comment Shauna. Certainly it was difficult for her that she went away to boarding school so young. But I think that she is living ‘happily ever after’ now 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for commenting.

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