Harvesting Our Tomato Crop

Do you remember our students from earlier in the year gave us a tomato plant?  Well look at the great results we got. If you look closely on the left you will see little green tomatoes. Give them time and sunshine and they will turn red.

Teacher brought in some delicious cherry tomatoes today. They were sweet and juicy.

2 thoughts on “Harvesting Our Tomato Crop

  1. Merrybeau!

    I must say that it has been an absolute pleasure viewing the class activities and artwork during the year via this blog. It was a really special year with the Communion as a fantastic highlight. Have a great Summer holiday break and thanks again for all the work on Edublogs!

    Ciaran Burke.

  2. Thanks very much for your affirming comments.
    As you know a blog will only be as good as its content!
    I was very fortunate to have such a talented class,
    to provide me with such interesting and creative content 🙂
    Hopefully the weather will pick up shortly,

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