Senses Poems written by the children in 2nd Class, Room 6

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I see the misty mountains, I spoke

I hear the tall trees blowing, I listened

I smell a flickering fire cooking something tasty

I touch the pointed rocks that annoy my hooves

I taste the breezy air that’s very good for me and that I hope I never leave here.



I would see fish in the sea, the bird said.

I would hear the other birds, the bird said

I would smell saltiness, the bird said

I would hear wild waves, the bird said

I would taste the salty sea, the bird said.



I see flocks of birds flying over the mountain,

I hear the wild wind,

I smell the misty mountain,

I touch the silver stones,

I taste the fresh air.



The waves splashed, dolphins play,

The waves splashed, I hear the waves crashing,

The waves splashed, I smell the sea water,

The waves splashed, I touched the silent rocks,

The waves splashed, I taste salt on my tongue.



I see the cotton clouds floating past,

I hear a giant roar,

I smell the perfume of flowers,

I touch the grassy grass,

I taste snow on my tongue.



I touch the autumn leaves, said the precious sun,

I see drowsy donkey, said the precious sun,

I hear lively birds, said the precious sun,

I smell floating flowers, said the precious sun,

I taste the stony rain, said the precious sun.



I see fish in the sea,

I smell paint,

I hear sun,

I touch the water,

I taste bird.



I see a white blanket on a mountain, said the mountain goat,

I hear snow falling, from the sky, said another mountain goat,

I smell fresh air from the sky, said a bird,

I touch the beautiful snowflake on my wing, said another bird,

I taste the cold worms, said the baby bird.



I see the silver sea,

I hear the whispering wind,

I smell the salty sea,

I touch the crashing waves,

I taste the fierce fish.



I see the rocky mountain,

I hear the rough wind,

I smell the fresh air,

I taste the soft snow,

I touch the sharp icicles.



I see the screeching seagulls,

I hear howling owls,

I smell the smelly sea,

I touch the slimy wet rocks,

I taste the refreshing air.




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