Books we enjoyed this year

Book Reviews by Room 6

‘Beware of the Killer Coat’ by Susan Gates

Teacher read us the story, ‘Beware of the Killer Coat by Susan Gates.

It was a very funny story about a boy called Andrew.

Andrew thought that his new coat was really a monster that was out to get him.

This coat swallowed the important notes that came home from school.

Andrew’s gloves also disappeared.

This book was illustrated by Josip Lizatovic.

His pictures are very funny too.

They really bring the story to life.


‘Once Dark and Stormy Night’ by Alan Ahlberg

is a book about a boy who was kidnapped by brigands.

Jack said it was confusing.

Mo said it was funny and interesting.

Ryan said a lot happened in the story.


‘Care of Henry’ by Anne Fine

is a book about boy

who had to decided who to stay with when his Mum was in hospital.

It was important that his dog would be minded too.


Most children liked the book a lot.

Though some children said

it was not very funny or interesting or adventurous.



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