Green Schools: Transport: Advantages and Disadvantages



Walking It stops pollution.You get fresh air.It helps to keep us fit.It doesn’t use petrol or diesel.Good for the environment.See nature all around you.It feels good.You don’t get stuck in traffic. Your feet get tired and start to hurt.Dependant on the weather.Your bag can hurt your back.You can get thirsty and go into shops and buy stuff.It’s slow.It wears down your shoes.It uses energy that we made need.It’s not comfortable.It can be boring.
Cycling You get to places faster than walking.You get exercise and keeps you fit.It feels good.It’s fun.Doesn’t use petrol or gas.You can go fast or slow.Anyone can have a bike.You have a nice breeze on your face.You feel free.You get fresh air. You could fall off and you could be injured.You could break your bike.It can be dangerous.Bikes need maintenance.Weather dependant.You need to learn to ride a bike.You could get a puncture.Takes a lot of pedaling.Your legs get sore.
Car You can get to places very fast.It is fun.It has heating.You can sit down.Your feet don’t hurt.Electric cars are better for the environment.Useful when it’s raining.Good for long journeys.Fit lots of people in cars.Its comfortable.

If you’re late, you can recover.

Don’t get tired.

You waste petrol.You don’t get any exercise.It can be dangerous.Bad for the environment.You could get car sick.It is boring.You don’t have fun.You could get caught in traffic.You go so fast you can’t stop and look at anything.Cost a lot of money.

Sometimes you have to squeeze in.

You could be on a road with no toilets nearby.

You have to wear a seatbelt.

You have to follow the roads.

It can get too warm.


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