Good Mums in the Animal Kingdom

Good Mums in the Animal Kingdom.


Our Mums gives us food we like to eat.

A mother swan finds tender shoots that are easy for her babies to swallow.


Your mother loves to play games with you.

A mother cheetah plays a game to show her cubs how to hunt.


If a mother has to leave her baby, she chooses someone she can trust.

Mother giraffes help one another by looking after each other’s babies.


A mother’s voice is special. Babies always know their mother’s voice.


A mother dolphin makes a clicking sound. Her baby knows to follow it from the moment he’s born.


Mothers carry their babies close to them to keep them safe.

A mother orang-utan carries her baby for more than two years. Luckily her arms are strong and powerful.


We are growing peas. The little shoots have just sprouted.

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