Safer Internet Day – Tuesday 7th February, 2012

In school we are very conscious of Internet Safety.

When blogging in class, Teacher advises the children

in Room 6 on internet safety

in an age appropriate way,



Teacher explains that

you can’t believe everything

you read on the internet,

that we have to be careful

and that people may not

always be whom they claim to be.

Internet Quotes

The children show great common sense

in these conversations.


Teacher feels that the children in 2nd Class, Room 6

know what is the safest thing to do in theory

but that they do need to be supervised online.


The internet is a very valuable educational tool.

However, it is also a portal to the outside world.

Parents may find the following links of interest.

It gives excellent advice about how to keep children safe online.



WEBWISE  is another useful resource for parents. Advice to Parents


Update 8th June 2013 

is  a ‘free resource for

teachers, parents & children

on how to protect yourself online

& prevent cyber-bullying’.


2 thoughts on “Safer Internet Day – Tuesday 7th February, 2012

  1. Thanks Kila. That was last year’s 2nd Class, Room 6.
    Can you recognise any of this year’s 3rd Class students.
    Have a great Easter and don’t eat too many Easter eggs 😉

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