Further Adventures of our Flat Stanleys


The Flat Stanley Project – Edited highlights!

The children in First Class Room 6 made Flat Stanleys.

We sent them to visit our friends and relatives in lots of different places.

We found that whether Stanley traveled

all the way to China or took a short spin to Dublin,

He had GREAT fun and many adventures.

Kalin’s Flat Stanley went to visit her Granny in Wexford.

He fed the birds, fell in the pond and got to go to the circus.

Emily’s Stanley went to see her Granny in Dublin.

He went to the Burlington Hotel

and the lucky duck had chocolate pudding for tea.

Grainne’s, Jenna’s, Josh’s and Jack

all went to visit their cousins in Dublin.

Grainne Flat Stanley went to the zoo.

Jenna’s went to a nightclub.

Josh’s went on an treasure hunt.

Jack’s Flat Stanley got  make over.

He ended up with a mustache

and a Dublin football jersey.

Rebecca’s went to visit her cousin in Holland.

He even went to school.

Julia ’s sent hers to visit her Auntie in Paris.

When Stanley came back

he had a chocolate for all Julia’s class mates.

Sean C’s visited his Auntie in Wicklow

and ended up in Wicklow Gaol.

Cian Hy’s Flat Stanley went visiting

his aunt and uncle in Athlone.

He did a lot of climbing and saw Athlone Castle.

Heather’s Flat Stanley flew to London

with her Godfather Fergal.

Stanley went to Covent Garden

and saw an invisible man!

Georgie’s Flat Stanley went to London too.

He traveled with Georgie’s Dad

by bus and plane and tube

and helped him in the office.

Sean B’s Stanley was very busy.

He met the Doyle family in Bray,

the Irish Rugby Team Manager in Greystones

and lizards in Wales.

His picture was in the Bray People

and he also flew to Boston USA.

Cian H’s Flat Stanley got very fit.

He went cross country running

with his cousin Simon in the UK.

Hansen went all the way to China

and met teacher’s old friend Selina.

Selina made new clothes

and a paper car for Stanley.

Alice’s Flat Stanley snuck home in teacher’s bag.

He danced on the piano in her house.

Jessica’s Stanley went to South Africa

and met crocodiles and rhinos and hippos.

He also met a giraffe.

Thank you to all the kind people

who helped us with our Flat Stanley project.

It was very interesting and we had great fun.

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