If you wish to supplement homework given …

My priority this month is tables and reading and maintaining the ‘homework habit.’

Those of you with older children know how the amount of homework will build up over their years at school. However if you feel your child needs more of a challenge, here are some suggestions.

– If you haven’t already, join the local library and visit it weekly. Particularly in these recessionary times, the library is a wonderful service.

– On the internet kidsclick.com lists a wide range of sites. Click on
kids.org for games that help with maths and language

– Try games such as scrabble, draughts, chess, Monopoly, card games
– Here are some other ideas. I have tried to come up with a range of ideas that would address the different types of intelligences that individuals have.

1. Write a book review or a film review. What was it? What happened in it? Was it enjoyable? What mark would you give it out of 10? Why?
2. Make a bookmark.
3. Make a card or write a letter to a family member or friend.
4. Beginning with “A” list in alphabetical order as many names you can think of. (Other lists can include: places, animals, foods, sports, past times, jobs people have, things you would find in school, in the kitchen)
5. Write a story or poem.
6. Compose a tune. Write the words to the tune.
7. Write down all the things you are good at.
8. Describe how to play your favourite sport.
9. Write down 5 facts about something that interests you.
10. Listen to some music and draw what you see.
11. List as many adjectives you can think of to describe yourself
12. Describe yourself for an alien.
13. Who is the person you would most like to meet? What would you like to ask this person?
14. Design a useful invention.
15. Draw yourself as a cartoon character.
16. Make up 10 quiz questions you know the answer to and write them down. Bring them into school and we will have a quiz.
17. List all the verbs (doing/action activities) you will do today.
18. Paint how you are feeling using colours.
19. What would you do with 3 wishes?
20. Invent your own super hero. Describe and illustrate.

If your child does any of these and brings these in I would love to see them.

On this blog you can also find age appropriate educational websites that you and your child may find of interest. To access them put the keywords ‘Educational Websites’ in the search facility or follow this link
Websites to Supplement Homework

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