‘Dinosaurs’ by Maks

About Dinosaurs  by  Maks 


A T-Rex is a meat eater 

A Deinonychus  is a meat eater 

Dinonychus means ‘terrible claw’.  

A Triceratops is a plant eater 

 A Triceratops had 3 horns   

A Stegosaurus is a plant eater 

An Apatosaurus is a plant eater.

The Apatosaurus used be known as a Brontosaurus! 

Ask me why there are no dinosaurs today! 


3 thoughts on “‘Dinosaurs’ by Maks

  1. Experts say that a meteorite crashed into the earth.
    A cloud of dust blocked out the sun.
    The light from the sun couldn’t get through.
    Plants died.
    Plant eating dinosaurs became extinct.
    Meat eating dinosaurs starved and became extinct too.
    This is one theory and they’re are many more.
    But this is the one we like best.
    From 2nd Class, Room 6

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