Content that may be useful for Teacher Planning (1st/2nd Class approximately)

About to fly away. By Thomas Tolkien
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Thomas Tolkien via Compfight

This blog was originally set up as a class blog for 2nd class,

here in Ireland, so a lot of the content reflects that.

I have since moved to Learning Support and so

the content can relate to classes Senior Infants to 6th.


I see that, at the moment many of the visitors to this blog

seem to be teachers preparing for school in September,

so here are some links to content that may be useful.


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The Arts.

Plans for Art – 1st /2nd Class

A Menu of Art Activities


Plans for Music – 1st/2nd Class

A Menu of Music Activities


First Communion Preparation

Tips for Teachers teaching a First Communion Class for the 1st time

Preparing for 1st Holy Communion – Practical Tips: Part One

Preparing for 1st Holy Communion – Practical Tips: Part Two

Preparing for 1st Holy Communion – Practical Tips: Part Three



Cnuasach dánta : about forty poems as Gaeilge

with photographs to explain their meaning.

Cnuasach de Sheanfhocail Éagsúla:

approximately twenty proverbs as Gaeilge.



A short piece on number in Maths.

Some thoughts on learning Tables.



Here is how I taught Reading and Spelling



Finally this is the Homework Policy that I used.

Occasionally parents ask for more homework

and these are the suggestions I make.





Art: A useful chart: tracking techniques & media used.

To ensure these techniques/media are all covered,

I record as each is used on a chart like this

pinned up on the classroom wall:

Technique/Media Theme Date
 Finger painting    
 Blow painting    
 Splatter painting    
 Paint & crayon overlay    
 Paint & crayon resist    
 Paint batik designs    
 Using charcoal    
 Metallic crayons    
 Colouring pencils    
 Crayon rubbings    
 Construction; 2D    
 Paper sculpture    
 Using found objects    
 Practice with plasticene/playdough      
 Making pinch and coil pots    
 Fold Over printing    
 Relief prints    
 Mask outs    
 Digital Art