Teacher is available to meet parents by appointment at the following times.

1st September 2012


Dear Parent,

Thanks to all the parents who filled in

the attached questionnaire (see below).

I found the information you gave me very useful.

It certainly speeded up the ‘getting to know’

the children process 🙂

It also let me know what you feel

I should prioritise with your child,

in the way of learning.

This is very valuable information.

I feel the month of September is

a period of settling in and adjustment.

I don’t envisage needing any meetings

with parents until at least the end of the month of September.


However I am available for meetings by appointment

any day before school from 8.30 or earlier if you wish.

After school I am free

most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


With every good wish,




Child’s Name _____________________________________

Interests or pastimes______________________________


What he or she is good at ___________________________


What you feels they need help with this year

i.e. anything you would like me to prioritise e.g. reading fluency, tables, social skills.



Will your child be making communion this year? ___________

Any thing else you feel I should be aware of _____________



( I will be aware of medical conditions from school files)