A Day That I Became Famous – A Story by Loman

My name is Mr Not Famous. In fact nobody knows my name. Even my own mother has forgotten my name. And my father has moved to Africa for work. Not being famous and having nobody knowing your name has its advantages and disadvantages.

I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to tell anyone my secrets. On the other hand, I have barely any money and I have no one to talk to.

2016.11.24 Thanksgiving Martin Kalfatovic via Compfight

I was walking through the woods and I found a dodo. Now as you know the dodo is extinct, so finding it immediately made me famous. There were thousands of people around my house. These were photographers and reporters and ordinary people. They wanted to see the dodo and to tell the world about it.

Then disaster struck, the dodo disappeared. I think he ran away because my dog used annoy him. So I went back to being not famous. 

Story starter – ‘Your pet start behaving like a human being. It walks on two feet and has a lot to say. What do they have to say to you?’ A story by Fiona


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My name is Fiona and I have a pet dog. His name is Teddy. He is a golden labrador. He is a young, well behaved animal. The most he had ever said to me was woof. He liked eating dog food and he loved to nap in his kennel outside. 

One summer day at noon, he was racing around the garden. He must have got dizzy because he ran into the wall. He called my name and he said

‘Fiona, I’ve had an accident. I ran into the wall and I hurt my head and now it is really sore.’

I called my Mum.

She didn’t believe me until Teddy got up, stood on two legs and said

‘Tara, I would feel a lot better if you could make me some toast and tea. I like just one spoon of sugar and I would prefer if my toast was not burned.’

We took him to the vet and he behaved like a normal dog, so the vet didn’t believe us. As we left Teddy whispered

‘I didn’t want to stay in the vet’s. I want to go home and go to bed’.

Teddy didn’t sleep in his kennel as he usually did. Instead he slept in the spare room.

Luckily when he woke up the next morning he was back to normal. Only that my Mum had seen it too, I wouldn’t have believed it. The only thing that is different about Teddy now is that he likes to eat toast!

‘A Tall Tale’ by Fiona

Hi I’m Fiona, let me tell you about what happened to me

this morning when I was going to school.

Separation Section Scott Smithson via Compfight

A spaceship landed in front of my house.

I went out and there were aliens.

They were green and only had one eye.

There were a lot of them.

1959 ... 'Atomic Submarine' James Vaughan via Compfight

I tried to hide them in my shed in my back garden,

so my Mum wouldn’t see them.

I succeeded in getting them in and gave them food and water.

When I got to school Teacher asked why I was late.

So if I had told her the truth, she wouldn’t have believed me.

‘A Tall Tale’ by Loman

My name is Loman. Pleased to meet you.

Looking to Joan of Arc Martyn Davis via Compfight

I live in a billionaire’s mansion surrounded

by hundreds of statues, made of gold.

I am so rich I have my own plane. 

Zodiac - Dragon Choo Yut Shing via Compfight

But this particular morning,

I left the plane at home

and flew to school on my tame dragon. 

Tubarão voador Henrique Costa via Compfight

I flew through the air

I saw a flying shark coming

in the other direction.

It stole my lunchbox.

I chased after it on my dragon.

After I got my lunchbox back, I saw a robber.

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.Creative Commons License Steve Baker via Compfight

He was stealing an old woman’s purse.

I went down and scorched his bottom.

His trousers turned to ashes and I saved the day.

Loman’s story – ‘I knew it was going to be an unusual day when my Mum said…’

TigerCreative Commons License angela n. via Compfight

I knew it was going to be an unusual day when my Mum

came into my bedroom and said

there is a tiger in the garden.

My name is Loman.

I am not very brave.

I am not a great animal lover.

Yet there was a tiger in my garden.


Male hippo in the waterCreative Commons License Tambako The Jaguar via Compfight

There was also a hippo in the swimming pool.

Monkey Salad MTSOfan via Compfight

There was a monkey in the hot tub

Swaziland 2006 Patrik M. Loeff via Compfight

and there was a rhino in the kitchen.

It turned out that the tiger this happened

because my neighbour who is a zoo keeper,

needed to put his animals somewhere,

when he went on holidays.



Jack’s Dragon – A Story by Jack H. who is nearly 6

The house and its owner jaci XIII via Compfight

My dragon lives in this castle.

You can see his eyes.

His name is Tricky.

He makes the castle beautiful,

so people will want to visit.

Then he will gobble them up.


Tricky makes it rain.

He makes storms

with thunder and lightening.

Then people come in

to the castle for shelter

and then he gobbles them up.



From the Archives: Food that is traditional in Ireland.

Sometimes visitors to our blog ask us

what food is traditional in Ireland.

This is a tricky question because Irish food

comes under a lot of influences.

Our food is influenced by our neighbours in the UK,

countries in Europe

the USA and beyond.


If we ask the children in school what their favourite food

is they will say pizza and spaghetti bolognaise,

both of which are Italian food.

Children also enjoy pasta from Italy.

Chinese, Indian and Mexican food is also popular.

Children like burger and chips which is an American food

and fish and chips which comes from the UK.

January photo challenge #14 : Eyes
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Laurence Vagner via Compfight

Traditionally a lot of our food was potato based.

We boil them and chip them,

bake them and mash them.

Potato cakes are a traditional Irish food.

They are delicious.

Parsley and spring onion potato cake
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Food Stories via Compfight

We eat a lot of meat in Ireland.

Irish stew is a traditional dish.

Irish Stew - Pugg Mahones Tuesday AUD10 Special
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Alpha via Compfight

Mmmmm… It’s tasty!

Ireland on a plate
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bob Usher via Compfight

This is called an Irish Breakfast

but it is very like an traditional English Breakfast.

2008.12.07 - Good morning!
Photo Credit: Adrian Clark via Compfight

Porridge is a traditional breakfast in Ireland too,

but many children in school prefer

toast or cereal like Rice Crispies or Coco Pops.

Grown ups drink a lot of tea

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: ned the head via Compfight

but coffee is becoming more popular.

Apple, rhubarb or blackberry pie

would be considered very traditional.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Robb & Jessie Stankey via Compfight


A Student’s Poem about Teacher (from 1993)

This poem was written

by a student in fourth class,

Stephanie W. in October 1993.

I have kept it with my English papers

for the past twenty two years,

because it makes me laugh.


Photo Credit: antjeverena via Compfight


We were writing poems modelled on

‘Prayer of a Donkey’ 

by Carmen Bernos De Gasztold.


Here is Stephanie’s poem:

‘Dear God,

Please give teacher a break

for she is getting old.

Protect her from us

because we are vampires.


Protect her from the back row

and Jenny’s giggles.

May teacher have some peace at home time

And always let me be teacher’s PE(S)T!


Please Lord



I was reminded of this poem, this week

when listening to the RTE Documentary

‘First days, final days – Revisited’

(20 years after recording a child’s first day at school,

the Documentary On One returns to see what has happened since –

to the Junior Infants and their teachers).


Stephanie and Jenny are all grown up now

and this poem still makes me laugh.

‘Excuses’ – a class poem inspired by one of the same name by Allan Ahlberg

Sorry I’m late Teacher.

The car slept it in

and we lost the key to my Mum.

the alarm clock forgot

and the bus was lost.

I was taken away in a space ship by aliens 

who made me do all their housework.

Sorry I’m late Teacher.

Spider Kid
Photo Credit: Sukanto Debnath via Compfight

Sorry I didn’t do my homework Teacher.

A tiger ate my schoolbag

A monkey took my pencil

My copybook grew legs and walked.

My eraser and parer hopped away.

My reading book was squashed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex

A Stegosaurus flew off with my Mum.

So I didn’t do my homework Teacher

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Alex Eylar via Compfight

School Long Ago and Faraway.

Micklehurst Primary theirhistory via Compfight

Students interviewed their grown ups, their parents and grandparents about what school was like when they were young.

Some parents went to day school and some went to boarding school and there were accounts from schools at home and abroad.

The earliest account was from 1938.
Many children walked and when it rained they ran.
Some drank a little bottle of milk at break time.

The boys wore shorts, a jacket and cap.
The girls wore a smock or pinafore over their clothes to protect them.
When it was cold children would were their coats in school”.

This is an account from 1946:
There were 55-60 boys in a class
and the classroom was heated by a fire.
The children all sat in rows of desks all facing teacher.
In the summer term, many children came to school barefoot”.

“In Poland there are no uniforms, by law since 1976.
When I went to school, it started at 8 ended at 2.30.
In the yard girls played with elastics.
The boys plays soccer, chess, join the dots.
There was 3-4 hours homework every day!”

Some people remembered high windows.
They let in plenty light, but the children couldn’t look out and be distracted.

“There was wooden desk with a top that lifted up where we kept our books copies and pencils.
We enjoyed playing with friends, chasing, football, hurling, skipping and hopscotch.
Great times, loads of fun no worries”

When we are eager to grow up and leave school, we hear people say that they are your happiest days and we aren’t sure if we believe them but later you realize they were right and you school friends are friends for life”

Thanks to all the ‘older people’, who agreed to be interviewed about school
in other countries and in olden days!

We can see that some things are the same and some things are very different.

‘The King Who Loved Money & The Queen Who Loved Honey’: A Story by Beth (1st class)

Mme Ail & Mlle Miel
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lynn Gardner via Compfight

Once upon a time there was a King and a Queen. 

The King loved money and the Queen loved honey.

She had ten pots of honey and he had ten pots of money.


One day the Queen asked the King to buy

ONE HUNDRED pots of honey.

‘OK, then.’ The King did just that but then

all of his money was gone.

The King was sad, but the Queen was happy.


Then the Queen had an idea.

The King opened a shop to sell honey.

So then he had lots of money again.

And they both lived happily, ever after.

Three 1st Class Stories from First Class

A Story by Kyle

Once upon a time there lived two Kyles.

Those two Kyles went to school together.

The two Kyles were at the same table

and at Phonics Blast.

The two Kyles were very funny.

Shannon liked us and Lizzie did as well.

P.S. This is a TRUE story 🙂

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: PC – My Shots@Photography via Compfight

 Lizzie’s Story

Once upon a time, there were three little girls and their Mom.

One day, there was a a storm.

They lived in a cottage in a wood, far off from a farm.

The storm blew.

A tree that the little girls climbed on every day fell down.

Their cottage fell down.

They couldn’t live anywhere.

They went looking for somewhere else to live.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: gilles chiroleu via Compfight

The Very, Very Messy Ladybird, by Sofia

Once upon a time there lived a very, very messy ladybird.

Her name was Messy Maggy.

Everyone called her that because her house was always messy.

Her house always had cobwebs in corners.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Stephen Lee via Compfight

 and muddy foot prints up the stairs and dust everywhere.

One day all of her friends made a plan.

They all said she needed help to tidy.

So one night all of her friends went to her house

and while Messy Maggy was asleep each one of them had a job.

Magic Matilda hoovered.

Violetta Valentina dusted and beautiful Beth mopped.

‘Team work,’ they all said.

pink dreams tea party
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Using ‘Monday’s Child’ as a writing prompt with First Class.

We used the traditional rhyme

‘Monday’s Child’ as a writing prompt.

Here is what Sofia wrote:

On Monday the children jump to touch the sky.

Zion and Tracy jumping
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Robert Conley via Compfight

On Tuesday they jumped down again.

Aspiring Busker
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kevin White via Compfight

On Wednesday, they touch the stars.

Star jump
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: stuart anthony via Compfight

On Thursday they go to the moon.

lune / moon
Photo Credit: OliBac via Compfight

On Friday they go to Mars.

ASTEROID PLANET - digital-art
Photo Credit: balt-arts via Compfight

On Saturday they went down to earth.

Earth and North America from Space - digitally restored
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Royce Bair via Compfight

On Sunday they go right home to bed.

Sweet Dreamer
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Student Survey: What books do YOU enjoy reading?

We asked our students what books and authors they enjoyed reading.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: jaci Lopes dos Santos via Compfight

This is what they said:

2nd class enjoyed: Horrid Henry, Roald Dahl, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rainbow Magic Series, The Tiara Club, The Horrible History Series, Captain Underpants and Horrible Henry books

3rd class enjoyed: Dick King Smith, Enid Blyton, David Williams, Roddy Doyle, JK Rowling, Roald Dahl, Beast Quest, Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Bed and Breakfast Star, Judy Moody, Goosebumps, The Story of Tracey Beaker and Rainbow Fairy books

4th class enjoyed: Mr Bubblegum, Roald Dahl, Stink Series, Malory Towers, Harry Potter, Horrible Histories, Horrid Henry, Judy Moody, Artemis Fowl, Skulduggery, Young Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the Rings, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Beast Quest, Holes, Lizard of Oz and Lemony Snicket

5th class enjoyed: Tin Tin, Lola Rose, How to Train Your Dragon, Candyfloss, Football Academy, Percy Jackson, Jacqueline Wilson, John Boyne, Anthony Horowitz and Enid Blyton.

6th class enjoyed: The Adventures of Tin Tin, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Alex Rider, Malory Towers, Skulduggery Pleasant, Rick Riordan, Anthony Horowitz, JK Rowling, Lemony Snicket and Derek Landy

As you can see some of the books and authors are very popular throughout the school.

It is good to read every day. Reading for at least twenty minutes at the end of each day is relaxing and fun. But it will also help your spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, writing style and imagination.

Be sure to read every day during the summer holiday

and beat the ‘Summer Slide’.

Children’s Writing: Ryan’s Story: The Wizard that lost his wand.

The Summoning
Photo Credit: floodllama via Compfight

The grumpy wizard lost his wand.
He found the wand under the sofa.
He was happy then.

He turned himself into
a great, white bird and flew away.
He felt even happier then.

White birds
Photo Credit: photophilde via Compfight

Can you guess what kind of bird he turned himself into?

The answer is ……………………………………………………………………………….

(a swan. Ryan used a picture of seagulls just to trick you!)

Children writing poetry: Thoughts for Mothers’ Day: ‘She is the sound of the dishwasher closing.’

mother and child
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Andre Delhaye via Compfight

My Mother

She is the sound of the dishwasher closing

She is the colour white,

the same colour as the washing machine!

She would be a comfy armchair

She is ice cream

because she is cool when things go bad.

She is a tiger because she protects me.

She is a golden daffodil, standing tall.

She is birthdays all year round.

Tiger! Tiger! Burning Bright
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Durotriges via Compfight

Here are some more poems for Mothers’ Day:

These poems were written using an idea

called ‘The Furniture Game’

from Sandy Brownjohn’s book,

‘Does It Have To Rhyme?’ (Hodder & Stoughton, 1980)

@NZWaikato Some answers to Tahana+Will’s questions about Sport in Ireland.

Learning To Sail In Greystones - County Wicklow [Ireland]
Photo Credit: William Murphy via Compfight

Tahana and Will from Auroa School in New Zealand

asked us questions about sport here in Ireland.

We hope this post will tell you a little about sport in Ireland.


Greystones is a seaside town,

so there are lots of water sports to choose from.


Below are a list of sports that are played in Greystones.

We have written them more in alphabetical order

rather than in order of popularity:


Athletics, badminton, baseball, cricket,

cycling (and mountain bike riding), 


Gaelic Games are very important in Ireland;

They included Gaelic Football,

hurling (played with a wooden stick and small ball),

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sean Ryan via Compfight

Camogie is hurling for girls. 


There is also golf, lawn bowling, rugby, soccer,

skateboarding and tennis. 


Because Greystones is beside the sea there are lots of

Water Sports: angling, diving, kayaking,

rowing, swimming, sailing and wind-surfing.


People also enjoy hill walking,

jogging, running and hiking.


We know that Gaelic Games, soccer, rugby, swimming,

tennis and basketball

are very popular among the students in the school. 

Greystones - County Wicklow
Photo Credit: William Murphy via Compfight

People support Gaelic games including Gaelic Football.

Our local Gaelic Club is called Éire Óg. 

We are also very proud of Wicklow, our county team.

There are fifteen members on a Gaelic Football team

and they are allowed use their hands to strike the ball.


Strangely though people who follow soccer support

the English soccer teams more than our Irish ones.

Many children support Manchester United and Liverpool.

Both of those are English teams.

Our local soccer team is called Greystones United.


We are celebrating because Ireland

won the Six Nations Rugby Championship this weekend

in the last match of Brian O’Driscoll’s international career.


Children’s Work: Stories written by Senior Infants


Alice and the White Rabbit
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Omnitographer via Compfight

Lucy wrote;

Once upon a time there was a happy girl called Lucy.

She lived in a house near the forest.

One day a rabbit followed her home.


Once upon a time there lived a princess who lived in a castle.

One day she met a witch.

She lived in a cottage.

tree tattoo
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Aimee Ray via Compfight

Ben said;

Once upon a time there lived a clever squirrel

who lived in a hole in a tree and was always eating nuts.


Once upon a time there lived a hedgehog who lived in a hedge.

He was lonely. He always had to eat on his own

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: sugarbear96 via Compfight

These are Daniel’s stories;

Once upon a time there was a sporty kangaroo

called Kealin who loved boxing.

She lived in the outback in Australia.

She had lots of trophies.


Once upon a time there was a white rabbit called Robbie.

He loved to do magic. One day he got a job at the circus.

His first trick was to pull a man out of his hat

Royal Purple Pigment
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Joe Penniston via Compfight

This is what Tom wrote;
Once upon a time there lived a dragon, who lived in a cave.

He was happy. One day he met a brick.

They did some art and they had a fun time.


Once upon a time there lived a bee,

who lived in a bee hive. He was working well.

One day he met a fish.

They went to the shop.

They had a great time.

Littler Green Men
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight

Sofia wrote;

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Sophia.

She lived on the moon but oh no there was aliens on the moon.


Once upon a time there lived a unicorn.

She lived in a crystal cave.

She loved to play in the fields.

One day she met a princess who always wanted a unicorn

Pepto Dragon
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Yo Mostro via Compfight

Beth wrote this story;

Once upon a time there lived a witch

who lived in a cave on a mountain where there was a dragon.

She thought that she was able to defeat the dragon, but she was wrong.

The dragon blew out fire.

The witch tried to put spells on the dragon,

but the dragon had blown fire at the want,

so she couldn’t put spells on the dragon.

The dragon blew fire at the witch.

So this story doesn’t have a happy ending!

The End.

Explode! I am Dinosaur!
Photo Credit: Orin Zebest via Compfight

Andrew wrote;

Once upon a time there lived an electric dinosaur.

The electric dinosaur was guarding the gold mine.


Once upon a time there lived a polar bear.

The polar bear was captured by an icy jail.

Project 366 #255: 110912 It's A Wrap!
Photo Credit: Pete via Compfight

Kyle said;

Once upon a time there lived…


Where was I?

Oh yes.

Sorry about that.

I was just looking at Mr.Happy’s art.

He just drew the beach

and Mr Happy has more art to show.

First we will visit other Mr Men art.

We’ll see Mr.Strong’s, Mr. Nosy’s and Mr. Noisy’s art.

First on the list is … Mr Strong.

He has painted his weights.

Second on the list is Mr.Nosy.

Mr. Nosy has made a wonderful statue.

Next Mr.Noisy has painted Mr.Happy.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Tanya via Compfight

These are Ciara’s stories;

Once upon a time there lived a furry rabbit who lived in a burrow.

She was a Mummy. She had a baby rabbit. The baby rabbit was cute.


Once upon a time there lived a black and white badger in a forest.

He was sad because he had no friends.


Once upon a time there lived a hedgehog.

He had sisters. He had six sisters.

He got fed up giving the six sisters food.

He was bored of feeding them.


Once upon a time there lived a fox.

The Mummy had kids. Then the Daddy came.

Then they met a shy otter on the river bank

Laura wrote;

Girl Child Education
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bindaas Madhavi via Compfight

Elisa had a project to do for college.

It was about a bee.

It was a very very important bee.

Elizabeth had a story to write and a story to read.

It was called Naughty Children.

When they were finished their homework Emily work up.

She wanted another bottle. Elisa made her bottle.

Little People Bokeh
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Julie via Compfight

Shannon wrote a funny story;

Once upon a time there lived a very silly Granddad.

His house was silly. He sleeps on a rock.

One day this silly man met a girl.

She was such a silly girl, the man loved the girl.

Celebrating Past Pupil Success: A Guest Post from Emily H

We are always very interested to hear about the success of our past pupils. Earlier in the year we told you about a student who is having great success musically. We called that post ‘Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns grow’ . We could call this one ‘Monterey Pines from Tiny Pine Seeds grow’ as it is about the success Emily H had when she grew Monterey Pine Trees from seeds and made a real contribution to our local community. But let Emily tell you about her project in her own words.

Growing Monterey Pine Trees From Seed


My project is to show how I grew Monterey pines from seed.

I did this project because I have always had an interest

in growing things from a very young age.

It was helped along when my Granddad

contacted the former Mayor George Jones

to see if he would be interested in having

some of the trees I had already planted

and succeeded in growing for the Greystones community.


Mr Jones agreed and now as you can see from press cuttings

there is one of my trees in Burnaby Park

opposite the train station

BeFunky_Burnaby Park.jpg

and also they took some of my trees

and planted them along Shoreline car park.

BeFunky_Burnaby Park.jpg

I am very proud of these trees and so I thought that

I could grow some more for my science project for school


Gather pine cones and place them in the full sun to dry them out.

Once dried they will open up for easier retrieval of the seeds.

BeFunky_Monterey Pine Cone.jpg

Place the cones on a paper towel

and roll them gently until the seeds fall out.


Place the seeds in a container

with room temperature of water.

The ones that sink will be the best growers.

Plant the seed in pots, pointed end down and cover with soil.

Keep watering and when the seeds fall off

they can be transplanted to a larger container.

I will be keeping a diary following the progress of the trees.

Day 1

Date : 12.6.13

I planted the seeds in the compost pointed side down and watered them.

Day 2

Date : 13.6.13

Still no progress will be back in 2 weeks.

Day 11

Date : 25.6.13

We have our first Monterey shoot. The seed is still on the top.

BeFunky_First shoot.jpg

Day 12 

Date : 26.6.13

We have our second seed shoot. Also seed on top.

First seedling has now lost its seed.


Day 19

Date: 3.7.13

We now have 13 Monterey pine tree shoots.

BeFunky_Day 19.jpg

Day 25

Date: 9.7.13

We have 17 Monterey Pine tree shoots.

Day 35

Date: 19.7.13

BeFunky_Day 45.jpg

The trees are growing fast.

Day 45

Date: 29.7.13

Still progressing well.

Day 55

Date: 8.8.13 

Strong and healthy trees growing fast.

BeFunky_Day 65.jpg 

Day 65

Date: 18.8.13

Progressing well.

Day 75

Date: 28.8.13

Nearing end of project the trees are strong and healthy.

BeFunky_Day 75.jpg

About Monterey Pines

The Monterey pine, also known as the Radiata pine is a species of pine native to the coast of California. It’s the most widely planted pine in the world, valued for rapid growth and desirable lumber and pulp qualities.

Its native to 3 very limited areas located in Santa Cruz, Monterey peninsula, and San Luis Obispo counties. In Australia, New Zealand and Spain it is the leading introduced tree and in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Kenya and South Africa it is a major plantation species.

Monterey pine has a very small natural range on the central Californian coast, south of San Fransico and on Guadalupe and Cerdros islands off the coast of Baja California in Mexico.

Monterey pine grows best on deep, rich, dry soils or on infertile sandy soil types. It has also shown promise on old red sandstone soil in Munster. It will not do well on wet, shallow ground. It grows vigorously and is known to have a longer growing season than other conifers. In Ireland, Monterey’s commonly suffers from the ”yellows”, a disease sometimes associated with the fungus cyclaneusma minus which results in the yellowing and loss of all the previous years’ needles.

Photo Credit: Wendy Cutler via Compfight


I found this project very satisfying because I enjoy growing and the output of this project will have a long term effect on the environment.

They help the environment by a number of factors:

1. Trees reduce Carbon Dioxide – the same way humans breathe oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide, trees breathe in Carbon Dioxide and exhale Oxygen.  This Carbon Dioxide becomes sugars that can be eaten, burnt for fuel or enjoyed in its leafy form.

2. Trees reduce ozone levels – In  large cities a reduction in ozone can mean milder temperatures and more breathable air.

3. Trees reduce erosion by their roots keeping soil from washing away but also they absorb and store water.

4. Trees provide an ecosystem for animals and insects  by providing a home and  food for them.

Every tree is a potential life-saver to certain species

Story Writing in Senior Infants: Well Done Sofia

At the beginning of the month, Sofia was writing lovely stories:

A Story by Sofia

Once upon a time, there lived a family of butterflies,

who lived in a forest.

They were happy and were always smiling.

One day this family of butterflies met a fairy.

They went to live in a castle. They had a fun time.

The princess ponders
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: darwin Bell via Compfight

Now her stories are even lovelier:

Once upon a time there lived a happy princess.

She lived in a big castle.

Every day the happy princess met a fairy.

They went to live in a zoo with the funny monkeys


Once upon a time, there lived a funny King.

He lived in a big flower bed.

One day the funny king found a tree.

The funny king pushed the tree and found a door.

He went in and he met a worm. They made friends.


Once upon a time there lived a small octopus.

He lived under the sea.

He had a friend, the star fish.

One day the two friends played and played until evening.


Once upon a time there lived a red deer.

She lived on a big hill.

One day the red deer met a funny otter.

He lived in a river on the hill.

The red deer met the otter.

They went to dinner.


I look forward to reading more of your stories Sofia.



Story Writing in Senior Infants: Well Done Kyle

At the beginning of the month

Kyle was writing good stories:

Once upon a time, there lived a teddy

who was talking,

who lived in a toy box.

He was hyper and was always helpful.

One day this teddy met a penguin.

They went to the North Pole.

They had a happy time.

Little Miss Sunshine
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ilse via Compfight

He worked hard all month and now is writing great stories.

Once upon a time there lived Miss Sunshine.

She was stacking boxes on her shelves.

Just then a robber stole all the shelves.

So she called the police

but when the police got there

the police couldn’t see anything.

Then Miss Sunshine saw burglars.

Speaking of that…

some other things were missing.

As well Mr Happy’s pet was gone

and Miss Scary’s bed was gone

and they called the police,

the fire brigade

and the rescue helicopter 

and they did it.


Once upon a time Mr Mo went to get a job.

He tried a fireman,

bus driver,



but they were no use,

so he went back home

and that was Nonsense Land

to ask Mr Silly.  

‘Be a garden,’ said Mr Silly.

So he had flowers on his shoulder

and blue bells on his head

and banana flowers of his nose.

Who ever heard of banana flowers?

They’re in Nonsense Land

and you can eat them.


Once upon a time there lived some bread

that was being sliced.

Mr Tickle and Miss Magic they didnn’t need a knife.

Miss Magic wayed her magic wand …

and presto it was sliced

but the magic went right down the stairs

and out the door.

It sliced jam on Mr Small but he didn’t mind

he was red all ready.

Then it spread.

Mr Happy had butter on his head.

Mr Strong had egg on his eggs.

If even dropped a toaster on Mr Jelly’s house

and did you know Mr Tickle

and Little Miss Magic didn’t know

but they didn’t not know that for long

because finally the magic

sliced an egg on Mr Tickle’s arms.


Once upon a time there lived Mr Skinny.

One day someone was knocking at his door.

He opened the door…

and there stood two loaves of bread.

They had eyes,

a nose,

and even mouth.

They walked straight in

but Mr Skinny’s wasn’t a house,

he was in a hotel

so if the bread walked in

then it will be a disaster.

Mr Greedy gobbled them up.

Well done Kyle. Keep up the good work. 

Story Writing in Senior Infants: Well Done Tom

At the beginning of this month Tom was writing good stories:

‘Once upon a time there lived a nice butterfly,

who lived in a gingerbread house.

He was happy and was always smiling.

One day this happy bee met the butterfly.

They went fishing. They had a funny time.’


mini felt mythical creatures
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Aimee Ray via Compfight

This week he is writing great stories:

‘Once upon a time there lived a friendly dragon.

He lived in a dark cave.

When he hiccuped he burnt everything.

One day he met a happy witch,

who gave him a potion to stop hiccups.


A big dinosaur eats a baby dinosaur.

The dinosaur had big big teeth.

His grandpa saved him.


Once upon a time there was a shy hedgehog 

who lived in a hedge.

He met a black and white badger,

who lived in a forest.


Once upon a time there was a bold cat.

He is bold because he sneaks into our garden

to get the bread for the birds.


Once upon a time there lived an uncle.

His name was Tom.

He was happy and was always joking.

He had a friend whose name was Tom as well.

They went to the shop together 

to buy chips and lucozade.


Well done Tom 😀

Story Writing in Senior Infants: Well Done Ben.

At the beginning of February Ben was writing good stories. 

Once upon a time there lived a giant,

who lived in a castle.

He was grumpy and was always busy.

One day this giant met a wizard.

They went fishing. They had a happy time.

By the end of the month he was writing great stories:

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kima via Compfight

Once upon a time there lived a red deer

who lived in a forest.

He was wild

and was always ripping the leaves off the trees.

One day the deer met a clever fox.


Once upon a time there lived a grey mouse

who lived in a hole.

Once upon a time, there lived a red squirrel

who lived in a hole in a tree.


Once upon a time there lived

a black and white badger who lived in a forest.

One day this badger met a deer who lived in the forest as well,

but the badger lived in a bush.


Once upon a time there lived a brown rat

who lived in a rubbish dump.

One day this rat met a mouse who lived in a hole in a house.

He met a mouse who lived in a hole in a house.


Once upon a time there lived a clever fox.

He was so clever that he could jump and and grab a bird from the sky.

Keep up the good work Ben.