Jack’s Dragon – A Story by Jack H. who is nearly 6

The house and its owner jaci XIII via Compfight

My dragon lives in this castle.

You can see his eyes.

His name is Tricky.

He makes the castle beautiful,

so people will want to visit.

Then he will gobble them up.


Tricky makes it rain.

He makes storms

with thunder and lightening.

Then people come in

to the castle for shelter

and then he gobbles them up.



3 thoughts on “Jack’s Dragon – A Story by Jack H. who is nearly 6

  1. Fabulous writing Jack. What a clever dragon Tricky is. You’ve got some WOW words in there: gobbled, shelter and beautiful. They made your story even more interesting. Well done!

  2. Thank you very much Mrs.Smith. Jack will be excited and delighted to see a comment all the way from New Zealand. I will show it to him on Monday morning, bright and early 🙂

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