Three 1st Class Stories from First Class

A Story by Kyle

Once upon a time there lived two Kyles.

Those two Kyles went to school together.

The two Kyles were at the same table

and at Phonics Blast.

The two Kyles were very funny.

Shannon liked us and Lizzie did as well.

P.S. This is a TRUE story 🙂

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 Lizzie’s Story

Once upon a time, there were three little girls and their Mom.

One day, there was a a storm.

They lived in a cottage in a wood, far off from a farm.

The storm blew.

A tree that the little girls climbed on every day fell down.

Their cottage fell down.

They couldn’t live anywhere.

They went looking for somewhere else to live.

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The Very, Very Messy Ladybird, by Sofia

Once upon a time there lived a very, very messy ladybird.

Her name was Messy Maggy.

Everyone called her that because her house was always messy.

Her house always had cobwebs in corners.

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 and muddy foot prints up the stairs and dust everywhere.

One day all of her friends made a plan.

They all said she needed help to tidy.

So one night all of her friends went to her house

and while Messy Maggy was asleep each one of them had a job.

Magic Matilda hoovered.

Violetta Valentina dusted and beautiful Beth mopped.

‘Team work,’ they all said.

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