2 thoughts on “School Calendar 2014 – 2015

  1. Dear Merry Beau,
    I like how you put the poem up. I wonder where you found it. I wish that I could see your calendar but I can’t. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Late St. Patrick’s Day to you too! I play the flute for a hobby. It did snow here. It was the first and most likely only big snow that we got. What is rugby like? Please come and visit my blog again and leave a comment at http://blog.elanco.org/davison503/. Thanks!

  2. Hi Maggie,

    We are glad you like the poem. Sometimes in class students find a quote or a poem they like and we like to use photoshop to make a poster of it.

    Well done on playing the flute. Many of the children in school learn the tin whistle or recorder. Outside school many play the piano or guitar. Playing an instrument is great for relaxing.

    We had no snow this year, so far.

    You ask about rugby… Rugby is played by two teams. There are 15 players on each team. They each who try to earn points by getting the ball across the opponent’s goal line or kicking it over the crossbar between the goalposts.

    It’s a very fast-moving game. Every player on the field run, pass, kick, and catch the ball as well as tackle opponents. We hope this explains it to you 🙂

    With every good wish

    Merry Beau and Class

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