@NZWaikato Some answers to Tahana+Will’s questions about Sport in Ireland.

Learning To Sail In Greystones - County Wicklow [Ireland]
Photo Credit: William Murphy via Compfight

Tahana and Will from Auroa School in New Zealand

asked us questions about sport here in Ireland.

We hope this post will tell you a little about sport in Ireland.


Greystones is a seaside town,

so there are lots of water sports to choose from.


Below are a list of sports that are played in Greystones.

We have written them more in alphabetical order

rather than in order of popularity:


Athletics, badminton, baseball, cricket,

cycling (and mountain bike riding), 


Gaelic Games are very important in Ireland;

They included Gaelic Football,

hurling (played with a wooden stick and small ball),

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sean Ryan via Compfight

Camogie is hurling for girls. 


There is also golf, lawn bowling, rugby, soccer,

skateboarding and tennis. 


Because Greystones is beside the sea there are lots of

Water Sports: angling, diving, kayaking,

rowing, swimming, sailing and wind-surfing.


People also enjoy hill walking,

jogging, running and hiking.


We know that Gaelic Games, soccer, rugby, swimming,

tennis and basketball

are very popular among the students in the school. 

Greystones - County Wicklow
Photo Credit: William Murphy via Compfight

People support Gaelic games including Gaelic Football.

Our local Gaelic Club is called Éire Óg. 

We are also very proud of Wicklow, our county team.

There are fifteen members on a Gaelic Football team

and they are allowed use their hands to strike the ball.


Strangely though people who follow soccer support

the English soccer teams more than our Irish ones.

Many children support Manchester United and Liverpool.

Both of those are English teams.

Our local soccer team is called Greystones United.


We are celebrating because Ireland

won the Six Nations Rugby Championship this weekend

in the last match of Brian O’Driscoll’s international career.


4 thoughts on “@NZWaikato Some answers to Tahana+Will’s questions about Sport in Ireland.

  1. Such and informative post. Will and Tahana were very excited to here from you with this detail. We showed this to the entire class which left some more questions, research and thinking about the similarities and differences between our countries. Both students are going to share the posts with their families. Thank you so much for the information and sharing and the collaboration. Happy St Patricks Day!
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand.

  2. I really enjoyed reading about Ireland it seems like a fascinating country.

    My dad went to Dublin Ireland for work.

    All of those sports look pretty neat.

    Hurling looks a whole lot like baseball.

    In baseball there is a pitcher out fielder and a couple other places.

    from,Logan 😉

  3. Thank you for your comment Logan.
    We hope your Dad had a good time in Dublin
    and that he found us a friendly country.
    Hurling is a very fast game.
    It is great to play
    and great to watch too.
    It is fun to look at the things that are the same
    and the things that are different
    between our two countries.
    Thanks for dropping by.

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