Student Blogging Challenge 2013 continued. Week 5; A Secret in the Forest.

We are continuing with the Student Blogging Challenge.

This is Challenge 5.

We were asked to write a story

based on an image of a forest

where there was a signpost saying:

A Secret Hides In This Forest.


You can read about the challenge here:

 Student Blogging Challenge 5: Secrets


We made a Photopeach Slideshow.

Nicole wrote the story.

Isabella drew the cat.

Clara drew the fairy.


The other children in 2nd Class Room 6

had already created the backgrounds.


HERE it is….

We hope you enjoy it!


The Secret That Lies In The Forest 

3 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge 2013 continued. Week 5; A Secret in the Forest.

  1. WOW! What a fantastic story and the Easter chick chirping in the background gave it more authenticity.

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  3. Oop we forgot about the Easter chick!
    He is always very noisy.
    We have sent him back to the farm now
    because Easter is over for another year.
    If we get another pet,
    we will be looking for a quieter one ;)

    We enjoyed writing the story.
    The photograph and the sign about secrets
    gave us a lot of food for thought.
    With every good wish,
    2nd Class, Room 6 and Teacher (Merry Beau)

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