Tony Chestnut

Teacher had never heard of ‘Tony Chestnut’ before! Neither had any of the girls or boys in Room 6. Our visiting Teacher, Ms. McN. taught us a funny action song about ‘Tony Chestnut.’ The boys and girls enjoyed it so much that Teacher is posting the song here. The singing begins at 1.11.

Thank you Ms. McN. for introducing us to ‘Tony Chestnut’!

“If you cannot teach me to fly …. teach me how to sing!”
Sir James M. Barrie

A response from Tony Chestnut!

“Tony Chestnut is among the most popular songs performed at preschool graduations and family nights. Our greatest honor is when a new person arrives to the Toe Knee Chest Nut party to proudly announce their ♥ of our song! “

When our Visiting Teachers were leaving they left us a very interesting gift.

Can you guess what kind of a plant it is ?

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