Letter home at the end of the Autumn Term.

Dear Parents,
Just a note as promised at the Parent Teacher Meetings. We have made good progress in Room 6, particularly in reading. We began a ‘reading blitz’ at the beginning of November and the net result was that everyone made excellent progress through the reading scheme and many children are now reading ‘real’ books for homework. In the new term I am planning to start a class novel with the children ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’ by Jill Tomlinson. This will mean we will all be reading ‘real books’. This is good for your child’s self image as a ‘reader’ and is motivating for them. I am sourcing a child-appropriate newspaper online as in passing I happen to say to the children ‘When you are finished the readers, you will be able to read the newspaper’ and they are holding me to this. Jill Tomlinson’s ‘The Aardvark Who Wasn’t Sure’ is also on our reading list. This book is a good starting point for a number of projects on African animals which we will be doing. I have both books in stock in school.

I find a focus on a subject e.g the reading blitz very effective. Up to midterm one of the things we concentrated on was handwriting and presentation. In the new term you will see I will be encouraging neat penmanship once again as good presentation isn’t always consistent in workbooks and copies. In the earlier part of the term too, I gave more attention to making sure homework was written down and the books needed for homework were put in the school bag. However at this point in 2nd class this really does have to be something your child does for themselves. Monitoring this would take me away from other areas I feel we should focus on e.g reading, tables, maths, projects, music etc.

As well as reading I have been putting a lot of emphasis on addition and take away tables. Assessment in the class shows that while a lot of hard work has been put into learning the tables, subtraction or take aways still need work in some cases.

Towards the end of this term the children’s supplies of pencils and crayons began to run low. They will need to be restocked for January. If over the holiday you accumulate any shoe boxes or colourful wrapping paper, we would find these useful for art. The children will be learning how to knit and I will be asking for volunteers for the last half hour or so for a number of Fridays from late January.

We just have to put some finishing touches to the books that we wrote for the ‘Write A Book’ project. I will send these home in the new year before I send them off and will also display them in the class room some Friday afternoon. We will also be preparing some entries for the Texaco Art Competition

Thank you for your co-operation and support this term. I look forward to working with the children in Room 6 in 2012 and all the interesting things we are going to learn.

With every good wish for a Happy Christmas.


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