Formal Reading beginning on Monday 7th November, 2011

Dear Parents,
Advice about reading (Ginn Readers).
First of all don’t feel you have to read a full book in a night

  • From Level 4, (Green cover) it is quite o.k. for you the parent to
    read every 2nd page to the child. Reading these books takes quite a
    bit of ‘reading stamina, so if you take every 2nd page, that will help.
    Alternating who reads the story helps the ‘flow’ of the story.
  • But one of the most useful things is that your child will ‘model’
    their reading on yours. This means that they will pick up on how you
    use expression when you read and how you observe punctuation.

Now that your child is reading more fluently, it is important to check that your child understands what they are reading.
For this reason, as you read with them it is a good idea to check their comprehension by asking them incidental questions about the story.
So you might ask;

  • ‘What do you think might happen next?’

Or after you have read a story with your child you might ask

  • ‘What happened in this story’ or ‘What was your favourite bit?’

Poems feature in some of the higher levels of the Ginn readers.
The vocabulary in them is a bit trickier so don’t worry about
getting them word perfect.
Throughout the Ginn series I have found that there are book/stories that boys enjoy more than the girls do

e.g. ‘Helicopters’ (Level 4) and also in the later Ginns (from Level 6).  If your child is finding a story most uninteresting, there is
no need to labour over them.

In this way reading is enjoyable for you and your child.

PS. I have assigned the reading level according to the Standardised Test results of last term. If the level is too simple (or too hard) for your child, not to worry; I will adjust this in a day or two.  I assigned a level that might be too easy rather than too hard, as it is better for a child’s confidence in themselves as a reader to be promoted up a level rather than demoted.

This review from

This review is from: Ginn New Reading 360: Set of six readers, Level 5 (Animal tracks/ In the town/ Dogs and whistles/ All for fun/ Old tales/ Faraway tales) (Paperback)

The GINN series of readers are commonly used in schools and of a very high standard. They are well designed, provide a wide variety of stories within each book. Each book is dedicated to a theme. The books can include fiction, non-fiction and poetry and cover different cultures. The stories range from informative, factual, fantasy, amusing and educational both in facts and life. They often have an amusing twist at the end. Illustrations are excellent and the pages appealing to the eye. On many occasions, children will chose to read further than requested by the teacher as they are caught up in the story.

The only slight criticism is that some of the poetry can be much tougher to read within a level than the stories within the same book….but then again, this is true in adult poetry too.

Each level steps up at a reasonable pace so the child isnt swamped at the next level.

Highly recommended.

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