Homework Policy

Dear Parent,

Homework will begin on the Monday of the

first full week of September.

For homework this week your child has the following:


Mental Maths:  For this month only, each night

please do the corresponding sums 

for that day of the week

from the Mental Maths textbook.

e.g. Tonight do the work for Monday.

To start with these sums are revision of 1st Class work.


Learning Spellings: will begin next Monday

For more information on the Plan for Learning Spelling

this year please check the following link:

Plan for Learning Spelling 2nd Class 2012


Reading: For this week only your child will bring home a book

from the class library to  read.

The Plan for Reading this year is here: 

Reading Plan for 2nd Class, Room 6


At the end of homework each day,

your child should get into the habit of paring

three pencils for use in class the following day.

In doing this your child is taking some responsibility

for their own learning. Preparing for school the next day,

like this, is a valuable habit to get into. 


The children will also write down the homework they get

in their new homework notebooks,

but this letter is a ‘back up’ just in case they forget to bring it home.


At the end of September I will add learning tables to this homework.

Paired Reading also begins at the end of September.


School Policy is that homework in Second should take 20-30 minutes.

This week is a gentle introduction to homework.

After this week if homework is taking significantly less time,

and the work is well done, neat and presentable

you could note this in the homework notebook for me to see.


There are details of  websites

and supplementary work that might be of interest on this blog.

For example:  Supplementary Maths

For more suggestions click on the keywords ‘Educational Websites’

on the right of this page.


If homework takes significantly more than

30 minutes uninterrupted work,

please ask your child to stop

and sign their homework notebook to this effect.


If your child attends Learning Support

I would ask you to prioritise the work

given by the Learning Support teacher

as that work is carefully chosen by the LS  

for your child’s specific and individual needs.


For the time, being homework will be very predictable.  

This helps develop the ‘homework habit’

but can also help your child become

more and more independent when doing their homework.


Ideally by the new year your child should be doing

their homework independently.


To read some practical advice about homework

click on this link: Homework


Good presentation and handwriting

is an important part of the homework given.


Thanking you for your support and co-operation,


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